What is PingO Device Fingerprinting Algorithm?  

PingO algorithm delivers the perfect device fingerprinting mechanism. Utilizing various browsers including incognito mode on the same device, PingO can create persistent device unique ID. 

The primary highlight could be the sheer count of devices. Guess what, when someone looks at your desk where you will have your work laptop, work phone, personal laptop, personal phone, and family iPad floating around the house somewhere.  

While any of those five devices may be used to visit your online business and make transactions, PingO recognises each device with a unique ID and would most likely flag it as potentially hazardous. 

PingO, a propitiatory algorithm allows AuthSafe to identify malefic users and bots with higher accuracy. PingO has the capability to recognize or re-identify a visitor, user agent, or device based on configuration settings or other observable features. 

How Does PingO Algorithm Device Fingerprinting Works? 

Identifying the multiple browsers including incognito from same device is challenging. At AuthSafe we have solved this problem by building the PingO fingerprinting algorithm.  

To create a device fingerprint, distinct parameter variables are collected from a browser.  

PingO enables users to robustly recognise their devices under their subscription plan. PingO helps monitor device activities during and across sessions, correlate a user’s browsing activities, even whilst their incognito mode.  

Activities done on a device can be uniquely tracked using this unique id generated by PingO. This can help sort out unauthorised users exploiting the subscription of the genuine users. PingO uses a Cookie-less approach that helps identify users without help of cookies, with same persistent unique id allotted amongst individual devices. PingO offers a quick response time, since it only takes short time to produce a fingerprint. PingO is part of AuthSafe and is effortless to install and use. 

See AuthSafe’s PingO device fingerprinting in action.  

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