Download WHMCS Fraud Prevention Module and Download Blesta Fraud Prevention Extension

Web Hosting Billing Fraud Prevention: Web hosting billing software has a client management feature that allows it to present a brief description of the customer as well as payment details. Because it supports multiple languages, Host Billing software is very useful for businesses trying to extend their client base internationally.

Billing management for web hosting is a support system that automates the billing, provisioning, and management of the entire process from signup to termination. Various payment channels work with billing management systems. A payment gateway is required for web hosting merchants who use billing management services. But not just anyone, but the one that is linked to this particular billing management service.

A payment gateway is a piece of software that allows internet merchants to accept credit and debit card payments. It serves as a go-between for a customer’s bank and a merchant’s bank. A merchant account is required to incorporate a payment gateway on your website. A payment gateway ensures safe payment card data transfer in addition to processing transactions.

Here is a list of Web Hosting Billing Software Providers

WHMCS Fraud Prevention Plugin

WHMCS is an well-documented web hosting management system. This platform is noted for its adaptability, thanks to high-end development kits, local and remote APIs, and a wide selection of compatible third-party application interfaces. Invoice generating, tax support, and payment card processing are all available through the WHMC. Merchants can choose between free offerings, one-time fees, and monthly payments. There are other features, including ten language translations and thorough reports. Hence the fraudster wants to target WHMCS.

Blesta Fraud Prevention Plugin

Blesta is a popular payment mechanism for hosting companies all around the world. It has object-oriented code that is well-written and source-documented. Furthermore, it is nearly completely open. Only three files have been encoded. This is sufficient for license protection. It is possible to combine the platform with any control panel, virtual servers, domain registry, and other licensing. You can personalize the interface as a merchant, including your dashboard, billing overview, and client profile. Hence the fraudster wants to target Blesta.

Even though the transactions seem to be safe, there are some issues with the billing software. Out of which the account takeover fraud is on the top.

About Account Takeover Fraud

Account takeovers can significantly damage customer trust and brand reputation. When tackling this type of fraud, businesses will often introduce tighter security measures and add verification steps – but too much of either can harm the user experience. To avoid this, businesses need to be able to differentiate between good and bad users, so that fraudsters can be stopped before they commit any malicious activity.

How Account Takeover Fraud Happens

Online credentials, typically a username and password, have major security flaws. They can be easy to guess, leak to the dark web from data breaches, or can be phished from unsuspecting users. When a criminal obtains stolen credentials, the end result is usually an account takeover, where the criminal logs in as if they were the real user and is able to commit fraud. This can financially impact your business, as well as damage your reputation with customers.

How to Mitigate Account Takeover Fraud using AuthSafe.

AuthSafe can predict, detect, prevent, and respond to online fraud attacks in real-time using a cognitive engine. Authsafe’s technology helps to prevent all manners of Account Takeover efforts and new online fraud account registration attacks. Through manual attempts or automated tools methods, including credential stuffing.

AuthSafe is an identity protection platform that provides information about the fraudulent login details in your applications. An easy-to-install, fully automated solution that helps to identify the potentially compromised accounts by predictive fraud research, cognitive engine modeling, and using suspicious account activity.  AuthSafe works with financial services, SaaS products, and online digital goods organizations to detect and prevent account takeovers without compromising customer experience. It helps track the location, time, accessed data, and IP address details of the user.  To get started, you need to integrate AuthSafe with your web application.

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